Sin Aesthetics

In which Mo explores the social pathology of roleplaying and begins to experiment with game design.

Friday, September 16, 2005

RPGs for Katrina Relief?

Here's how it works...

Mail Jeff Grubb: with the subject line: "Dyvil Roleplaying Game" and he will mail you his free 30 minute RPG .pdf and donate $1 to Katrina Relief (up to a $500 max, which he hasn't reached yet).

More info here.

In other sites...

Very glad to see this list of RPG companies and professionals that are working towards Katrina relief.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Welcome Aboard...

This space will have a response to Brand's post: "Actual Play with My Mother In Law part 3 -- The Cattle Raid Disaster" within the next couple of days. This is fitting since the experience was one of a handful of things that nudged me towards starting a blog of my own, and about approaching the idea of socially engineering (system supported) virtuous cycles in RPGs. More soon, when my head's clear.